Our Services

We do more than just make cool products.



Our top priority is the long-term success of our clients. That’s why we leverage our experience in the IoT industry to consult with you on your product idea before we begin engineering. We help businesses expand revenue and profits by getting into the rapidly growing smart device space. We advise entrepreneurs on their business plans to put them in the best position to land investment.

To ensure your product’s success, we can identify your market, target price, target BOM cost, and more. We select the best technologies, the best hardware and the best cloud services for your product. We can provide you with 3D mockups of the product design to ensure it meets your specifications.

If you are unsure whether your idea is viable, give us a call and we will informally discuss the challenges you face. We can usually give you a rough estimate of cost, timeline, and BOMs after the first call. We’re happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before we chat so you feel comfortable sharing your idea with us.

Small Run Manufacturing

We can create proof-of-concepts, prototypes, and even runs of 100 products or less. This lets you get your product in the hands of colleagues, investors, and beta testers before going into full-scale production.


System Maintenance

We can manage your servers, apps, data, and security on a monthly basis if desired. We ensure all security patches are installed and your system is ready to handle a spike in users. In the event of a problem, simply give us a call and we will resolve it quickly.


We are in this for the long haul with you. We put you in touch with leading electronics manufacturers to find you a production facility with the scale, speed, and price point that you need. We will help you evaluate services and pricing from manufacturers as you decide on your final production facility.

Once you select a production facility, we will provide them with all the information and materials they need to produce your product at scale. We can answer any technical questions they have and ensure they manufacture to the specs we designed. All the CAD drawings, BOMs and technical drawings will be provided to you and the manufacturer by our team.