Things we make

We make products for the connected home. This includes home automation systems, devices for those systems, standalone products for today’s smart homes, and so much more. Our user-friendly interfaces and easy setup procedures are designed so the average consumer can easily control the products we make for you.

Want to get into the rapidly growing consumer wearables space? Our engineers and developers do the hard work for you. We’ll rapidly produce prototypes and get you ready for full scale manufacturing of your wearable product. We produce wearables in the form of watches, clothing, jewelry and more.

IoT products are revolutionizing the way modern enterprises operate. See how we can make your great idea about asset tracking, asset protection, or any other form of enterprise IoT product a reality. Our products connect to fully scalable cloud servers, and all of our code comes with a bug-free guarantee.

We make IoT products that communicate with smartphones, cloud servers, other IoT devices, or stand on their own. Our diverse team is skilled at creating beautiful Web, iOS, and Android apps to communicate with your devices and maximize their utility. We host on a variety of secure cloud platforms and can provide you with backend analytics to see how customers are using your products.

Our Tool Set

Every IoT project has unique requirements. From low-power to quick response times, we are familiar with all of the major platforms and will help guide you to the best platform for your needs.







Why work with Glow Labs?


We’re 100% focused on creating smart devices. All of our staff are experienced in the IoT space. We know what hurdles to expect when creating an IoT product and how to clear them.


We take your idea from concept to full scale production. Our diverse staff will help you with initial product design, 3D mockups, electrical and mechanical engineering, wireless or wired communication, device firmware, cloud software, apps and so much more.


IoT is a rapidly changing space. You want to get your idea to market as quickly as possible. That’s why we’ve partnered with a variety of IoT platforms to rapidly prototype your idea and get you ready for full scale production as cost effectively as possible.