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Dell Announced New IoT Products and Services

By June 2, 2017No Comments

Dell is taking another leap into the Internet of Things industry with new products and services. Dell has announced the VMware Pulse IoT Center, and IoT infrastructure management solution marketed as being very secure. The VMware Pulse IoT Center allows customers to manage and operate their IoT products and will be bundled with Dell Edge gateways.

Dell has partnered with Atos to build an IoT service management framework. Atos Codex IoT Services is another IoT cloud platform that allows customers to manage their devices, collect and store data, OTA updates, incident management, service desk & support, and operations management.

Dell and Bosch have been collaborating on an Industry 4.0 jump start kit. The kit is designed to help customers rapidly prototype IoT projects.

Dell has a number of other IoT-focused partnerships through the Dell IoT Solutions Partner program. They could become a major player in the IoT space, it’s clear that they are investing tons of resources into it.


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