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Glow Labs is teasing a proprietary new cloud platform for early stage product development.

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Glow Labs is teasing an upcoming IoT platform designed to simplify IoT prototyping and data collection from those prototypes. Existing solutions are intended for industrial scale and customizability, but there is no cloud platform targeted at early stage connected device development. As a product development firm that specializes in engineering connected devices, Glow Labs is constantly developing prototypes of IoT products. Some of the most time-consuming steps of prototyping are formatting the data for a cloud platform, and configuring the cloud to show that data in a useful form once it gets to the cloud.

The Hive5 platform simplifies these steps of development. Developers can easily install the Hive5 Arduino library on Arduinos and devices that use the Arduino IDE and send data to Hive5 with just a few lines of code.

The Hive5 front-end makes data management easy. Simply log in, register your device with the ID you created, and select how you want to view your data. The Hive5 web app supports boxes, line charts, bar graphs, GPS locations on Google Maps, and more.

Hive5 is coming soon and will be available to the public for free on up to 5 devices.


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