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CES 2018

By January 18, 2018No Comments

Nick at the Glow Labs booth at the start of CES 2018.

CES 2018 was a blast, thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth in the Sands!

We noticed a few fun trends at the show this year. The intersection of health and technology is growing fast and every big name tech company is eagerly jumping into the IoT space. Voice integration with existing smart products was huge again. Driverless cars were popular too and we are excited to watch that industry take off. We saw a few exciting BLE mesh products and that’s certainly a wireless protocol to consider when you are developing a wireless product.

We also noticed a negative trend. To anyone entering the consumer connected product space: PLEASE remember that it doesn’t matter how many cool features or radios are integrated into your product if it’s not fun for the end user to interact with. Your UI/UX should be gorgeous and intuitive for your customer to take advantage of those cool features. We’ve been using/selling/developing connected devices since before IoT was a buzzword (remember M2M?). Our experience selling our own product and custom interfaces gives us an upper hand when we are designing the UX for a new product. We saw a lot of well-engineered products at the show with apps that looked like the engineer designed them. User experience must be a top priority along with security and powerful features. WAF (Wife-Approval-Factor) plays a very large role in the success of a product when you go to market 🙂

Companies looking to expand their product lines without growing their engineering team permanently or entrepreneurs who want to exhibit their own product at CES next year; reach out to us on our contact page for assistance. We offer soup-to-nuts (concept to production) outsourced development and we can also just fill in the gaps or assist an over-stretched team.


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