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Hardware, Software, Apps, Integration

Nimbus Home Automation System

Nimbus Home is a luxury home automation system sold exclusively by a high end home automation company in Denver, Colorado. Nimbus Home controls all of the best products in the home automation industry such as Lutron, URC, Sony, Marantz, Leviton, and more. Unlike its competitors, Nimbus has a beautiful control interface and a full-fledged settings page which lets homeowners program their own If-This-Than-That type rules.

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Software, Cloud Services

Oversee.tech temperature monitoring

Oversee.tech was made for the retail industry to monitor temperature and humidity sensors. Oversee ensures restaurant owners and retail shops never stray from FDA regulations by warning managers with text messages and emails about a problematic fridge before it fails and the food is spoiled. Wireless sensors and a user friendly payment system mean that Oversee can be installed and sold by anyone.

Oversee uses the SmartThings API, a Node.js backend server, SMS messaging, and payment processing by Stripe.

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Smart Shade Controller

We created a custom shade controller for 12V DC shade motors. The shade controller has an open API for websocket control and monitors the current status of all the shades connected to it. Users can easily set motor limits and travel time through the web control interface.

Cloud Server, OAuth Integration

Cisco Spark LMS Plugin

EduExchange was created for Cisco to help modernize communication in the higher-level education space. Ease of use was key, so we used the OAuth token from any compatible LMS to automatically log users into Cisco Spark and place them in the correct chat-rooms for their courses. EduExchange lets teachers easily send messages and files to their whole class and schedule web-chat office hours through the LMS interface they are already familiar with.

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