Our Services

We do more than just make cool products.



Our top priority is the long-term success of our clients. That’s why we leverage our experience in IoT across industries to consult with you on your product idea before we begin engineering. We help businesses expand revenue and profits by getting into the rapidly growing smart device space. We advise entrepreneurs on their business plans to put them in the best position to land investment. We build custom IoT solutions to drastically improve efficiency and cut costs inside enterprises.

To ensure your product’s success, we can identify your market, target price, target BOM cost, and more. We select the best technologies, the best hardware and the best cloud services for your product. We can provide you with 3D mockups of the product design to ensure it meets your specifications.

If you are unsure whether your idea is viable, give us a call and we will informally discuss the challenges you face. We can usually give you a rough estimate of cost, timeline, and BOMs after the first call. We’re happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before we chat so you feel comfortable sharing your idea with us.

Rapid Prototyping

We leverage existing platforms like Arduino and Beaglebone to rapidly develop prototypes of your product. We’ve built a cloud server just for IoT prototypes so you can test a working prototype and refine the feature set with hands-on experience. We will cost-effectively prototype on breadboards or develop prototypes with custom PCB’s and 3D printed cases so your prototype looks like the final product.

We strive to engineer prototypes so the code and schematics can be used in the final product. The money you spend on developing your prototype does not go to waste.


IoT Product Development

We’ll provide you a detailed quote for our work that breaks down the cost of development for each product feature. We do the electrical engineering, firmware, cloud servers, and apps to make your product work exactly the way you imagined it so you can focus on the business. If your team can take on some of the work, we are happy to collaborate with them during the development process.

We are passionate about developing great IoT/M2M products that help existing businesses and startups transform industries. All of our products are designed with reliability, security, and ease of use as top priorities. We will leverage our experience to help you pick the features that deliver maximum value to your customers. When you hire our IoT development team, you own all of the intellectual property we produce on your behalf so you keep all the long-term profits.


We are in this for the long haul with you. We put you in touch with leading electronics manufacturers to find you a production facility with the scale, speed, and price point that you need. We will help you evaluate services and pricing from manufacturers as you decide on your final production facility.

Once you select a production facility, we will provide them with all the information and materials they need to produce your product at scale. We can answer any technical questions they have and ensure they manufacture to the specs we designed. All the CAD drawings, BOMs and technical drawings will be provided to you and the manufacturer by our team.